Davis 6810 – EnviroMonitor Node


Davis Instruments is a leading maker of weather data collection solutions for agricultural production, research facilities, universities, schools, and weather hobbyists. The EnviroMonitor Node is an environmental and weather node that sends data from up to four sensors to an EnviroMonitor Gateway. You can create an array of sensors and collect data from microclimates and across production fields.

With the EnviroMonitor Gateway, you can collect sensor data from up to 32 environmental and weather node sites. Each Node transmits data to the Gateway and/or to each other, creating a self-optimizing mesh network. The EnviroMonitor Node supports a wide range of data sensors from Davis and other third-party manufacturers. You can install up to four sensors in a Node, including level sensors, anemometers, pressure switches, temperature gauges, salinity sensors, soil moisture sensors, leaf wetness sensors, and many more.

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