Davis 6802A – EnviroMonitor IP Gateway EnviroMonitor Gateway (USA, LTE) with $30 Hardware SIM Activation


Require a one-time (included in price) and an Annual Service Plan (Subscribe in the EnviroMonitor app during installation).

Davis Instruments is a leader in smart-sensing for agriculture. The Davis EnviroMonitor Gateway allows you to create an array of sensors to monitor micro-climate conditions in your crops. This allows you to take precise actions to ensure the greatest yield. The EnviroMonitor Gateway is a hub that allows you to connect up to 32 Nodes with four sensors per Node. It then automatically uploads the data to the Cloud via cellular connection, where you can access it to make crop management decisions. The Davis EnviroMonitor Gateway allows you to collect data from a cabled Vantage Pro2 GroWeather Sensor Suite and a long list of Davis and third-party sensors.

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