Campbell Scientific CR350 – Measurement and Control Datalogger

The CR350 is a multi-purpose, extremely low power, compact measurement and control data logger. This entry-level data logger, with its rich instruction set, can measure most hydrological, meteorological, environmental, and industrial sensors. The CR350 concentrates data, makes it available over varied networks, and delivers it using your preferred protocol. The CR350 also performs automated on-site or remote decision-making for control and M2M communications. This data logger is ideal for small applications requiring long-term, remote monitoring and control.

The following outlines the primary differences between the CR300CR310, and CR350 dataloggers:

  • The CR310 and CR350 offer removable connectors.
  • The CR310 includes a 10/100 Ethernet connection.
  • The CR350 has two independent RS-232/RS-485 ports and USB-C.

The CR350 includes Wi-Fi, cellular, or the following radio options for different regions:

  • CR350-RF407: US and Canada
  • CR350-RF412: Australia and New Zealand
  • CR350-RF422: Europe
  • CR350-RF427: Brazil

Note: Campbell Scientific does not recommend the CR350 for use as a PakBus router in networks with more than 50 devices. Large arrays or string variables may also reach memory limits. For such applications, a CR1000X Measurement and Control Datalogger is recommended.

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