Campbell Scientific CM305 – 47 in. Mounting Pole with Cap


The CM305 is a 119 cm (47 in.), stainless-steel, 1.5-in. IPS vertical pole. It is designed for mounting sensors, enclosures, or other instruments, and is an ideal mount for remote sensors such as a tipping bucket rain gage or net radiometer. Our CS700, TB4, and 385 rain gages are typically mounted to the CM305 via the CM240 leveling base. This mounting pole can be embedded directly into a concrete foundation or used with a pedestal kit. (See Ordering Info on the web page.)

Note: Grounding connections from the mounting pole to the system’s main tripod/tower or to the ground are important to help protect the system and measurements. The parts to establish these grounding connections are not included with the mounting pole.

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