Davis 7346.221 – Digital Temperature Humidity Sensor (Sensiron SHT31) with 25 foot Cable (7.6m)

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Product Description

This is a digital temperature humidity sensor with a 25 foot (7.6m) cable compatible with Davis Vantage Pro2 units which began production in early 2016 and specifically have a manufacturing code which starts with AS or later ( e.g. AT, AU, AV, etc.).  This module will work in a “plug-and-play” fashion with following models (for all geographical versions USA, EU, UK, OV) with the above stated manufacturing code:

  • 6152
  • 6162c
  • 6152
  • 6162
  • 6153
  • 6163
  • 6323
  • 6322
  • 6322c
  • 6328
  • 6327
  • 6327c
  • 6830
  • 6832
  • 6820 (GroWeather®)
  • 6820C (GroWeather®)

This module will also work with Davis Vantage Pro2 units manufactured after January 2006 through manufacturing code AR, however, it will result in a reading which is 0.5 degrees Celsius (0.9 degrees Fahrenheit) too high.  This error can be offset and corrected in the console as a calibration procedure (see page 26 of your console manual for calibration).

Davis technical bulletin Summary:

In early 2016 Vantage Pro2 systems will switch to a new temperature humidity sensor with new and exceptional accuracy specs. This new sensor requires new transmitter firmware to communicate with it properly.  As a result, you will see on your new 2016 Replacement Parts Price List that there are new and old temperature humidity sensors as well as new and old transmitter boards.  The new Temperature Humidity sensor is much more accurate than the prior sensors.

New Temperature Humidity sensor spec

Temperature – ±0.3°C (±0.5°F) across entire range
Humidity – ±2% across entire range

Old Temperature Humidity sensor spec

Temperature – ±0.5°C (±1°F) above -7°C  (20°F)   and  ±1°C (±2°F) under -7°C (20°F)
Humidity – ±3% (0 to 90% RH) and ±4% (90 to 100% RH)

Part Numbers

Since there are incompatibility issues between transmitter firmware and temperature humidity sensors there are discrete part numbers for the new transmitter(s) and temperature humidity sensor.

For systems built with new Temperature Humidity sensor
·         Temp/Hum sensor – 7346.221
·         OV ISS Transmitter board – 7345.952
·         OV Extra Station board (Anemometer, Temperature and Temp/Hum. stations)– 7346.069
·         US ISS Transmitter board – 7345.951
·         US Extra Station board (Anemometer, Temperature and Temp/Hum. stations)– 7346.068


Using incompatible transmitters and temperature humidity sensors will result in inaccurate temperature values.

Using a new transmitter with an old temperature humidity sensor will result in
·         Temperature reading 0.5’C (0.9’F) low.

Using an old transmitter with an new temperature humidity sensor will result in
·         Temperature reading 0.5’C (0.9’F) high.

Manufacturing Codes

New sensors will begin to be built into systems in early 2016.  Clearly a manufacturing code of AS160501001 (May 2016) will certainly have the new sensor.  However, the best method of determining whether the system was built with the new sensor is to look at the two alpha characters in the beginning of the manufacturing code.

Systems with the new Temperature Humidity sensor
·         Will have a manufacturing code that starts with AS or later ( e.g. AT, AU, AV, etc.)

Systems with the old Temperature Humidity Sensor
·         Will have a manufacturing code of AR or earlier ( e.g. AQ, AP, AO, etc. )

Additional Notes:

·         If incompatible hardware is used the user can apply a temperature calibration offset in the console to adjust for the error.
·         All Extra Stations (Anemometer, Temperature and Temp/Hum stations) will get this new firmware created for the new Temperature Humidity sensor.
·         The new transmitter firmware is compatible with the stand alone, analog  temperature probe (used in all Temperature stations).
·         This new sensor is not in the Vantage Vue system.

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